Eva Professional Hair Care

e-Line Dermocare Spray


Plant-based antibacterial solutions to protect your family with.

This portable spray is ready to protect you wherever you go with the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of bitter orange and tea-tree extracts. It contains a rich blend of moisturizing active ingredients that soften the skin and hair. This alcohol-free spray can be used on your hair, face, and body for a quick refresh any time and is suitable for frequent use. 

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Alcohol, dye, paraben, silicone, and sulfate-free formula. 

Bitter Orange Extract: Has high antioxidant, anti-radical, and capillary protector power; bitter orange also has a powerful cleansing and soothing action and pectins that give it protective properties. It is also
antiseptic and skin cleansing.

Tea Tree Extract: Great purifying, antiseptic, and anti-irritant properties. In particular, an active ingredient indicated to calm and pamper sensitive skin.

Deeply moisturizes the hair and skin
Antiseptic and antibacterial properties for total protection

Q: Is this spray okay to use on other parts of my body?
A: Yes! e-Line Dermocare spray is suitable for all skin and hair types and can be used on hair, skin, and face!

Q: Is this a sanitizing spray?
A: While this is not an alcohol-based sanitizer, it does have antiseptic and antibacterial properties due to its natural ingredient mixture.

Spray a fine mist on hair, skin, and face and allow to dry.
(not suitable for use on babies under 3 years of age)