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Eva Professional was founded in 1922 in Barcelona, Spain as a company with a small catalog of hair care products. Since then, we have earned the trust of over 25,000 hair care professionals worldwide in over 50 countries, and our collection of over 600 plant-centric formulas has evolved to become more diverse and effective than ever.

98 years of professional service along with a dedication to eco-hair care has allowed Eva Professional to find our way to Miami, Florida, where we will continue to stay committed to the growth and evolution of our amazing team, community, and our product formulas.


15% Vegan Products

Certified Organic Oils

Paraben and Sulfate-Free

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Eco-hair care

Our high-performance products rely on the power of plant-centric, botanical formulas. These collections are packed with organic oils, vitamin-rich nutrients, and natural active ingredients that have created a new standard for professional salon hair care.

We are committed to the maximum preservation of quality techniques, promoting only responsible and sustainable use of these natural resources.

We understand the ethical responsibilities that come with sourcing plant-bated With ingredients. With this in mind, we have launched comprehensive initiatives to eliminate plastic by 100% and to reduce our carbon footprint by 50% by no later than 2023.

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