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Are these hair products for professionals only?

While this collection was developed with our professional stylists in mind, Eva Pro believes beauty should be accessible to all, so a limited amount of retail from this collection has been made available through Other than on our webshop, the only authorized resellers of these salon-quality natural hair products and the other Eva collections are our exclusive salon partners.

Who are these products intended for?

The e-Line collection has a ritual for every hair type. Feel free to mix and match conditioners, shampoos, and styling products that have different functions and abilities to achieve your hair goals!

Are these vegan hair products?

Most of Eva Professional's products are vegan friendly, meaning they are developed using botanical and natural ingredients. If you have specific questions about a product feel free to give us a call for clarification.

How can I carry this collection in my salon?

Head to the Eva Professional Salon Application page (here) and a Professional Account Manager will reach out to you as soon as possible.

How natural is this collection?

These formulas are formulated with the highest quality botanical ingredients such as plant extracts, oils, and natural fragrances. While we do use ingredients that are not organic, they are safe to use and increase the efficacy of the formulas.

Where can I buy these salon products?

At any authorized Eva Professional salon retailer, or through!

Why use professional hair products?

All-natural professional hair products are developed to meet the needs of a diverse clientele, but must also meet a certain standard of effectiveness. You know when purchasing an Eva Professional salon shampoo you are getting the absolute best in quality and functionality.