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Are these products safe to use while pregnant?

Yes! All of the products within the Vitamin Recharge line are safe to use while pregnant and nursing!

Are these products okay to use on color-treated hair?

Of course! Vitamin Recharge represents the best in natural products for dry hair. In fact, your bleached or colored hair will thank you for the reparative and restorative vitamins in our cleansing balms, and the Vitamin Recharge Oh La La is specifically meant to strengthen hair fibers that may have become damaged by heat or color services.

What is a "cleansing balm"?

Vitamin Recharge cleansing balms are Eva Professional's next evolution of shampoo. Considered a "pioneer product" in the beauty world, these ground-breaking formulas incorporate Vitamins B and E combined with olive oil, and natural and botanical active ingredients to achieve the strongest hair cleanser ever.

Is there a conditioner for this collection?

Vitamin Recharge Butter is an intensive moisturizer for your hair that can be used as a cream rinse, in-shower conditioner, or leave-in conditioner. Made with antioxidant, restructuring, and protective properties, thanks to shea butter and argan, and avocado plant oils.

Are all shampoos vegan?

All of the products in the Vitamin Recharge line are vegan hair products except for Vitamin Recharge Orange.

Who are these products intended for?

The Vitamin Recharge collection is a fantastic line of products intended for all hair and scalp types.

Are these chemical-free hair products?

While the Vitamin Recharge collection is comprised of botanically-based formulas, we do not classify ourselves as "chemical-free" as most everything in the world is made up of chemicals! Vitamin Recharge is a range of safe, natural hair products and can absolutely be considered clean hair care.

Who are these products intended for?

While anyone can use the Capilo Capillary Systems, they are intended for use by individuals who are looking to relieve symptoms of a range of scalp conditions. They can be used on all hair types including color-treated hair, highlighted hair, curly hair, fine hair, and more!

What are the best natural hair care products in the Vitamin Recharge line?

Eva Professional has spent years perfecting this incredible line of naturally based hair care. To find the product that best suits you take a look at the product descriptions or give our customer success representatives a call so we can make a recommendation on the best all-natural styling products, cleansing products, and conditioning products for you!

Is this organic professional hair care?

While all of our collections, including Vitamin Recharge, are naturally and botanically based hair products, we do not consider them organic, as the ingredients do go through many proprietary processes and steps which allow them to be as effective as possible. We believe this line of safe natural hair products is a perfect solution for anyone looking to clean up their cosmetics.