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e-Line Dermocare Hand Cream


Total protection for the entire family.

In these unprecedented times, it is vital to protect yourself from head to toe. This moisturizing hand cream works as a nourishing, antibacterial lotion for skin. Bitter orange and tea tree extracts create a protective barrier that defends skin against the necessary harsh cleansers and seasonal changes it is constantly being exposed to.Ā 

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Sulfate, paraben, and dye-free formula.

Bitter Orange Extract: Has high antioxidant, anti-radical, and capillary protector power; bitter orange also has a powerful cleansing and soothing action and pectins that give it protective properties. It is also
antiseptic and skin cleansing.

Tea Tree Extract: Great purifying, antiseptic, and anti-irritant properties. In particular, an active ingredient indicated to calm and pamper sensitiveĀ skin.

Deeply moisturizes skin while sanitizing
Antiseptic and antibacterial properties for total protection

Q: Is this hand cream okay to use on other parts of my body?
A: Yes! e-Line Dermocare Hand Cream is suitable for all skin types and can be used on arms and legs, as well as hands.

Q: Is this a hand sanitizer?
A: While this is not an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, it does have antiseptic and antibacterial properties due to its natural ingredients.

Apply the desired amount to the skin and massage in. Leave to dry.
(not suitable for use on babies under 3 years of age)