Hispanic Hair Types 

A guide to the 4 textures

We are breaking down Hispanic hair types, what they look like, and how to care for them. We also want to take a moment to pay tribute to such an important month for the Latin and Hispanic Community near and wide.

If that’s you: thank you. If you’re here to learn: welcome.

You might have heard one of our favorite taglines recently; Eva Professional: For the Modern Human. What does that mean, exactly? It means we are a brand for any hair type, hair color, skin color, cultural background, sexuality, gender identity, age, etc.

We will be shedding light on some of the misconceptions of there being one single Hispanic hair type and of course acknowledging the various lovely locks found in this community.

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People think of Latina women as being fiery and fierce, which is true. But I think the quality that so many Latinas possess is strength. I'm very proud to have Latin blood.
-Zoe Saldana

When it comes to the Latin and Hispanic community there is no one size fits all and that can be said for hair as well!

Even though you may attribute your favorite Novela star or pop icon with thick voluminous hair as being a “Hispanic Hair Type,” the truth is there is no staple look when it comes to hair type. Latinx hair types vary as we come in so many shades, shapes, sizes, and textures which is what is so beautiful about this community.

The Four Hair Types

  • Type 4- Tightly curled
  • Type 3- Curly
  • Type 2- Wavy
  • Type 1- Straight

The Hispanic and Latin communities fall into all of those categories!

This hair type is tightly curled and coiled. It tends to be naturally dry to very dry. Each hair strand forms compact small curls and has a lot of shrinkage. Type 4 hair has the most natural volume of the four hair types at the root. It may appear to be short but it can be surprisingly longer than you might think.

There is a large group of Hispanics and Afro-Latinx who don a beautiful coily crown. Extra moisture, time, and care are needed for this hair type. A lot of work goes into maintaining type 4 hair so please do not touch!

We recommend Vitamin Recharge Butter. It is the perfect product for this hair type. Use it to quench dehydrated curls and add much-needed hydration with avocado, argan oil, and shea butter.

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From light curls to tight spirals, type 3 hair can be a mixture of textures in one. Most people who fall into this category have springy strands and sometimes a few type 2 waves throughout! They’re the variety show of the curly world.

While similar to type 4: they need moisture, but if you over saturate this hair type you can weigh down those tresses. The right products and applications are key to finding the appropriate balance of frizz-free, defined curls. Many Hispanic nationalities have this hair type and will admire the various ringlets it houses. Dascha Polanco from Orange is the New Black has beautiful hispanic curly hair.

Our e-Line Rizzi Mousse is a great product to style or refresh. It is a wonderful multi-functioning tool to use in your hair routine.
With ingredients like silk protein and wheat germ, Rizzi is great to strengthen your hair and tame frizz.

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In type 2 hair, roots will be straight, and then each strand forms loose “S” shaped waves that begin midway through the shaft of the hair. Colombian icon, Shakira, is a great example of wavy hispanic hair. In most cases, this hair type dries very quickly. In which case type 2’s need to make sure they detangle right after a wash, and use a moisturizing spray to hydrate the waves.

The Hydra-In Summum Jojoba Spray is the perfect product to use on Type 2 Hair. It balances moisture with excess oil regulation.
Jojoba oil is wonderful in balancing the scalp biome, while moisturizing those lovely S-shaped tresses.

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Type 1 hair varies in coarseness, as the strand can be thick, medium, or thin. There is no wave or curl from root to ends. It’s common for type 1 hair to have a harder time regulating oil on the scalp, as there is no volume or movement to keep the sebum from traveling down the shaft of hair.

Mexican, and many other Latinx hair types with South American origin have type 1 hair. This is due to their indigenous lineage. Type 1 hair is somewhat rare, however, there is a large community that has maintained this hair type throughout generations. We love to see it! 

To create volume and fullness in type 1 we recommend our Vitamin Recharge Beach Spray. Sea salt helps provide body, and texture. It will also help balance an overly oily scalp while our vitamin complex nourishes and protects.

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Okay, we’ve covered the hair types. We know they all fall within the Hispanic and Latin communities. Let’s also clear one thing up, hair is very important to our culture! For some of us an entire day was dedicated to either going to the salon or getting your hair done by that Tia that does everyone’s hair. Days at the salon, or in your Tia’s chair are events in their own right!

Hours on end would be spent laughing and hearing all the hot gossip from around the neighborhood, from different households, maybe even from the laundry mat next door. All while waiting your turn to get the best blowout in the town, thank you Dominican Hair Salons for existing!

Now Let’s look into how hair plays a huge part in the festivities and celebrations you may see during Hispanic Heritage Month. Looks ranging from again the sleekest of blowouts to more traditional braids and updos that incorporate colorful ribbons to match dresses and costumes that represent each country.

Each city within countries has a specific costume and headdress that signify its own meaning and has its own look. A few popular costumes are a huipil, commonly used by indigenous women of Central America and Mexico. La Pollera Colora (brightly colored skirt) is a very popular garment for Colombia. Countries like Venezuela and the Dominican Republic will wear long flowy skirts and blouses in the colors of their respective flags.

It’s all about getting dolled up and paying homage to your family and traditions.

three girls

The four Hispanic women on our team came together to discuss what it means to them. Their experiences with their hair and how they’ve flourished because of it.

Between the four of us we create, design, grow, and strategize such a beautiful brand to meet the needs of all people, in all walks of life.

We speak on the journey we’ve been on in order to create what we create and what it means to do so alongside our Latina sisters. It’s empowering. It’s revolutionary. In short: it’s badass.

Our team not only believes in our products and what they do, but we also believe in each other. We believe in you. We believe in humanity. Seeing Latinas thrive in this space is the cherry on top.

Tune into the discussion between our badass Latina crew on all things marketing, our Hispanic hair types, Eva Pro, and Hispanic Heritage Month. You’ll hear our personal stories, all about our hair routines, and favorite products.

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