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e-Line Effortless Volume Ritual

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Effortless volume in 2 simple steps.

This weightless ritual is the best way to naturally increase hair volume and density. Wash away dirt and oil, and leave hair soft, light, and full of movement with e-Lines Volume shampoo. Amber extract strengthens the hair giving it body, and brewers yeast fortifies the hair with vitamins for increased elasticity and split end correction. Finish by spraying the volume spray into roots and blow-dry to bring hair to life with tons of body and movement.

Amber Extract: Acts by protecting, conditioning, and strengthening the hair structure, giving the hair more shape and body.

Brewer’s Yeast Extract: Rich in minerals, proteins, and vitamins, it provides hair strength, volume, and elasticity.

Provitamin B5: Provitamin B5 reconstitutes and strengthens the internal capillary structure, increasing its resistance to breakage and providing greater strength and vitality.

Gives hair fullness, shine, and movement.
Provides results full of natural softness.
Increases texture and body
Prevents split ends and breakage

Q: Is this shampoo only suitable for fine or straight hair?
A: No! e-Line Volume Shampoo is ideal for anyone who is looking to ramp up their volume. Pair with e-Line Volume Spray and blow dry for gravity-defying volume.

Q: Can the shampoo be used daily?
A: Yes! e-Line Volume Shampoo can be used as frequently as needed. However, some hair and scalp types may need to alternate with a clarifying or dandruff shampoo for optimal scalp health.

Q: Should the Volume spray be used on damp or dry hair?
A: Both!! e-Line Volume Spray gives a huge boost of volume when applied to damp hair before blow-drying, and gives an extra dose of texture when applied to straight hair after drying.

Q: Is this volume spray only effective for those with fine or straight hair?
A: No! e-Line Volume Spray can work on any hair type that is looking for extra volume and texture when styling.

Distribute shampoo on wet hair and emulsify with a gentle massage. Rinse and repeat. Rinse with plenty of warm water and follow with your favorite Eva conditioner. Towel dry hair and apply the spray to the hair spraying into the root, allow to air-dry or blow-dry for maximum effect.