We’re going to go over 5 ways to have the best Vacay-Hair imaginable.

In fact, we have been using these tips for all our beach vacation (and Corona Stay-Cation) vibes. Who needs a beach when you can look great over zoom…

Says no one, ever.

Anyway, these tips are easy and will immediately leave you feeling like you’ve got the best ‘do on the beach.

Eva Pro has a solid lineup of products for insta-worthy vacation hair. Straight from our team of Professional Hair Care Experts.

So, let’s dive right in. We are punny. Don’t tell us otherwise.

#1 Battle the pesky chlorine dilemma with a few easy steps.

Chlorine gets a bad rap. Spending too much time in that tranquil pool (or in the kiddo pool, because mom life) can mess with the color of your hair. It’s not all chlorine's fault!

Copper likes to hang out in pools. The chlorine molecules make a cozy home in your strands. Then it oxidizes with the copper and causes discoloration.

So, it’s not exactly the culprit of your new highlights turning green, but it plays a role.

Side note: Have you been taking care of those baby blondes with our e-Line Blonde Brilliance Ritual?

Chlorine also causes your hair to become brittle by sneaking its way into hair that has damage from dye or heat.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to avoid that pool you’ve been imagining for all these months. You don't have to explain to the kids--for the 5,466,546th time--why you can't splash in the pool with them.

Eva Professional has tried and true tips to keep your hair looking bright and strong.

So you can float in peace, or be the fun Mama you want to be for your babes.

First, prep your hair with a great leave-in conditioner. We recommend our e-Line Sun Treatment. Its lightweight formula uses macadamia nut oil and aloe vera to protect and restructure. Using it before your dip will bind it to your hair, sealing all that macadamia goodness in, and keeping chlorine out.

After the pool, go ahead and wash your hair. Add more of the treatment and leave that bad boy in. This will reverse any damage that passed through your treatment (which shouldn't be much!)

Hot girl summer: brought to you by a leave-in you can use every day.

#2 Protect Your Hair from the Sun

Everyone knows skin protection is vital to a healthy complexion. Did you know that UV rays from the sun can damage your hair, too? Your hair is made up of keratin, and the sun will break down those bonds leading to weak strands and faded color.

The e-Line Sun Protection Oil uses the magic of macadamia nut extract. It moisturizes and protects your tired strands in a lightweight formula!

Pair it with the e-Line Sun Wash to rinse out chlorine or sea salt, and our e-Line Sun Treatment to repair and protect those tresses.

The aloe vera leaves your hair soft and manageable. Bye, summertime brittle. #chefskiss


Our natural/curly/wavy sisters are slaying the frizz dragon for a good part of the year. That dragon is especially persnickety during the summer months.

Humidity plays a major role in the locks of curly-headed beauties. The more moisture there is in the air, the harder it gets for you to tame the beast!

Avoid heavier products like creams. Opt instead to use the e-Line Ultra Rizzi Mousse. It uses wheat germ extract to fight the frizz dragon back into its smoldering cave.

Okay, so The Hobbit wasn’t the best choice for a beach read.

#4 Have the Biggest Hair at the Club

After a nice day of laying by the water, you’re ready to head out and explore the local nightlife. The sun is draining, and you need to conserve your energy, but you still want to stop the show.

What better time to whip out the e-Line Volume Spray? This weightless wünderkid will boost the volume of your hair.

You only need to spray it on your roots and blow-dry for a near-eortless voluminous look.

Not only will it give you a much-needed dose of texture and body, but it will pro

#5 Relive that flavor of summer

You had a great vacation! Your kids came back in one piece! You only went over budget a smidge!

Things are great, except now you are back home and the Sunday scaries have kicked in hard in hard(it's only Friday).

You're craving the salty air, vitamin C, and being carefree at least until the end of the week.

Now is a great time to use our sea salt spray, Vitamin Recharge Beach. Great for all hair types, and with an alphabet full of vitamins, this sea salt spray is wonderful.

It absorbs oil and gives texture and body to any mane. All the white bringing you back to those carefree beach days when you let the salt of the earth do the work. Now you can have vacay hair all year long.

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