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Vitamin Recharge Oil Control Plus Protection Ritual

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A natural hair revitalizing ritual.

This vitamin-enriched ritual includes our Orange cleansing balm, which regulates sebum without drying out the hair. Enriched with bitter orange extract, this balm will provide multiple benefits to the scalp and hair, like giving extra softness and volume while nourishing and controlling oil production. Follow with Oh La La, a multi-action jelly that repairs the hair fiber, healing hair from split ends and breakage. This product is fortified with a vitamin complex and the strengthening potential of seaweed, hair is protected from an array of damaging agents. Finish with our absorbent Beach Spray to give hair texture, volume, and body with the help of sea salt, while a vitamin complex wraps each strand with nourishing antioxidants so hair can grow healthy and strong.

Bitter Orange Extract:Ā Provides extraordinary softness and volume. Contains a large amount of vitamin C and bioflavonoids that strengthen and nourish the hair while also regulating sebum production.

Sea Salt: Absorbs the natural oils in the hair, giving the hair more texture, volume, and natural curl.

Seaweed:Ā Provides hair with strength and vitality through vitamins, trace elements, and mineral salts. Sea algae also tones, soothes, and moisturizes the hair and scalp to prevent the appearance of aging.

Vitamin Complex: Multivitamin complex with B1, B2, B6, PP, B12, BIOTIN, PANTHENOL and a high content of Vitamin E, a great antioxidant that helps to strengthen the hair, making it grow strong and healthy.


Q: Is this ritual right for me?
A: This neutral pH shampoo is a therapy suitable for all hair types, but is an especially great shampoo for oily hair and scalp as well as color-treated hair. The Beach spray will help to eliminate the appearance of oil, but is a wonderful asset to any hair care ritual.

Q: Will the Vitamin Recharge Orange help with dry scalp?
A: Yes! The VR Orange is a balancing shampoo that will nourish and hydrate the scalp, preventing dryness!

Q: Is this a vegan Ritual?
A: The Vitamin Recharge Orange is not vegan. If you are looking for a vegan product ritual please see Vitamin Recharge Hydration Ritual or the Vitamin Recharge Voluminous Ritual.

Q: Do I apply the Beach Spray on damp or dry hair?
A: It can be applied both ways, but it provides the most natural results on damp hair. On dry hair, it provides the best professional definition.

Q: Is the jelly easy to apply?
A: Yes! Contrary to how you might imagine a hair jelly, the Vitamin Recharge Oh La La distributes evenly and easily throughout the lengths! It is so lightweight that it can be applied to wet hair and absorbs into dry hair within seconds!

Q: What is thalassotherapy?
A: By definition, thalassotherapy is the use of seawater in cosmetic and health treatments. In this instance, it is the use of seawater to increase the Oh La La's deeply reparative and restorative properties!

Q: Do I apply the Oh La La on damp or dry hair?
A: It can be applied both ways, but it provides the most natural results on damp hair. On dry hair, it works as a fantastic heat protectant.

Apply the Vitamin Recharge Orange evenly on wet hair and work into the scalp, massaging gently. Leave on for 1-3 minutes and rinse with warm water. Condition with your favorite Eva conditioner. Once hair is towel-dried or damp, apply a small amount of the Oh La La to the palm of your hand and apply to the hair from mid-lengths to ends. Finish by spraying Beach spray into the hair. Allow to air-dry or blow-dry with a round brush for added volume. Can be reapplied to dry hair as a finishing/ styling product.