Eva Professional Hair Care

Eco-Friendly Scalp Massager



This scalp massager will be your wash day bestie! Made from wheat straw plastic, an eco-friendly material that is an environmentally friendly alternative to ordinary plastic. Scrub buildup away, stimulate circulation,  and introduce a healthy regimen into your wash.

Remove excess scalp build-up 
Stimulate blood circulation for a healthy scalp 
Benefits to overall hair health

Q: How often should I use a scalp massager?
Anytime you wash! Whether that is every day or once a week. The scalp massager bristles are gentle enough for daily use and effective to an amazing clean.

Q: Are scalp massagers safe?
Scalp massage brushes are a safe and effective alternative to using your nails and fingers

Q: Will the scalp massager cause hair loss?
Nope! It is normal to lose up to 100 strands of hair a day. And using a scalp massage brush will help create a healthy regimen to encourage healthy scalp and hair. 

Q; What makes this Eva product the best scalp massager?
Made with Eco-friendly wheat straw materials to cut on plastic waste. The silicon scrubbers are firm enough for a good scrub, not like other brands that tend to be softer and not as effective. Yet gentle on the scalp to not aggravate your skin. A happy balance. :) 

On wash day, fully saturate the hair from roots to ends. Squeeze your favorite Eva Pro shampoo into your hands or directly onto the scalp brush and begin working into your scalp. Whichever method you choose will work! Use the tool to distribute the shampoo through the scalp and very loosely through the ends, your main focus will be the top of the head, and enjoy a gentle massage while properly caring for your scalp and hair!