Eva Professional Hair Care

e-Line Color Enhance Ritual

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Protect your color investment.

This three-step ritual is comprised of products formulated with goji and shikakai extracts to wrap each strand with moisturizing true color protection. The combination of the color-extending shampoo and refreshing conditioning cream work together to give hair a boost of nutrition and hydration post-coloring. FInishing with Eva's Fix Color leave-in cream to keep color bright and shiny, longer.

Goji extract: Its antioxidant and photoreceptive properties make it a perfect element to protect and prolong the life of hair color.

Shikakai extract: Its antioxidant and dermo-stimulating properties make Shikakai an essential ally to protect and extend the life of your hair color.

Intensely repairs and moisturizes hair after coloring
Prevents split ends and breakage
Protects color to keep it bright, longer
Gives hair incredible shine

Q: Does the color ritual have color corrective properties?A: The e-Line Color Enhance Ritual was created for the purpose of protecting color and giving hair much-needed hydration after the invasive coloring process.Ā This regimen includes e-Line's Fix Color which can gently tone and then seal the cuticle to prevent fading and increase the strength of the hair.

Q: Is this ritual good for all hair types?A: Yes! The color ritual products are not too heavy or too light. They can be used on all types of colored hair!

Begin by distributing the color shampoo on wet hair and emulsify it into the scalp with a gentle massage. Rinse and apply again, if desired. Follow by applying the conditioner to the hair from mid-lengths to ends. Leave in 2-3 minutes and rinse with plenty of warm water. Towel-dry hair and apply the Fix Color to the hair from mid-lengths to ends, brush through to coat each strand. Airdry or diffuse as desired.