Eva Professional Hair Care

e-Line Repair Mask



Experience the power of luxury oils that work in symbiosis to repair dry, damaged hair.

This moisturizing mask for dry, damaged, and dehydrated hair will revitalize strands with Oleo Complex, a trifecta of avocado, safflower, and jojoba oil. Fix breakage, seal split ends and provide the nutrients mistreated hair needs to make it healthy again.

Use with e-Line Repair Shampoo and e-Line @22 Leave-in Conditioner for ultimate hair repair.

Paraben and sulfate-free formula.

Avocado oil: Its vitamin-rich content gives it great protective power. Helps recover and structure the capillary fiber and provides nourishment, elasticity, and shine.

Jojoba oil: It gives the skin elasticity, particularly during exposure to sunlight. The components of Jojoba oil penetrate well through the superficial layers of the hair cuticle and provide elasticity and strength.

Safflower oil: Safflower oil is rich in linoleic acid, containing 78%. Rich in vitamin E. Contains high levels of oleic acid, which protects, nourishes and firms the hair.

Nourishes and repairs deep down.
Stabilizes, strengthens, and rebuilds the hair fiber.
Protects hair from future damage

Q: How frequently should I use this hair mask?
A: e-Line Repair Mask can be used as frequently as needed. We recommend starting with one to two times per week and increasing frequency as necessary. Depending on how dry and damaged hair is, more frequent use may be needed.

Q: Is this hair mask suitable for all hair types?
A: e-Line Repair Mask was created specifically for very dry and damaged hair. Finer, weaker hair should only use if the hair is very damaged.

Apply to washed and towel-dried hair. Extend evenly throughout the hair, from the roots to the ends. Leave on for 1-5 minutes, and then rinse.