Eva Professional Hair Care

Hydra-In Summum Jojoba Spray N.48


Balance and hydrate with this plant-based hair tonic for oily and sensitive scalps.

Jojoba is a unique oil that has the benefits of moisturizing the hair while also regulating oil and soothing the scalp.

Suitable for all hair types, but highly recommended for oily hair or very fine and/or lifeless hair.

Paraben, sulfate, and allergen-free formula.

Jojoba Oil: Jojoba moisturizes the hair and regulates oil production in the scalp. This ingredient also contains properties that protect against the appearance of hair loss caused by excess oil.

Intense sebum control
Provides nutrients to the scalp
Helps detangle fine hair 

Q: Is this spray ideal for oily hair?
A: Yes! This spray was created specifically for sensitive and oily scalps. Jojoba oil is a unique oil that is able to help moisturize and balance the skin.

Q: Will this spray make my hair look dirty or make my hair feel greasy?
A: Nope! This spray was intended to be used on clean, towel-dried hair and scalp so it can be absorbed completely, allowing you the experience the benefits without leaving your hair looking or feeling greasy.

Spray on washed and towel-dried hair- do not rinse. Blow-dry or allow to air dry.