Eva Professional Hair Care

Hydra-In Summum Baobab Oil N.46


Instantly smooth and restructure each strand with this moisturizing hair oil.

Featuring baobab oil, one of the most hydrating ingredients for hair, this elixir will provide antioxidants and fight against premature aging of the hair

No-rinse needed. Suitable for any hair type, but especially for dry, dehydrated hair.

Paraben, sulfate, and allergen-free formula.

Baobab oil: This ingredient has great antioxidant action, fighting against premature aging of the hair and skin. Baobab also provides protection and sublime shine.

Controls frizz and provides smoothness 
Especially moisturizing for dry and damaged hair 
Prevents the appearance of aging hair and skin

Q: Is this oil meant for hair and skin?
A: Unlike the Hydra-In Beauty Oil, this oil is meant for hair only. It uses the power of baobab oil to smooth and soften strands, to prevent split ends and breakage.

Q: Does this oil weigh hair down or leave it looking greasy?
A: No, when applied correctly to clean, damp hair from the mid-lengths of the hair to the ends, you will find that Hydra-In Summum Baobab Oil leaves hair soft, smooth, and revitalized.

Apply 1 pump of product to palms and rub between the hands. Apply to damp hair from midsections to the ends and allow to dry.