Eva Professional Hair Care

e-Line Curl Activating Ritual

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Enhance and activate curls with ultra-hydrating formulas.

This simple 3-step ritual is formulated specifically with the help of quinoa milk and wheat germ which work together to activate curls and leave them incredibly bouncy, shiny, and hydrated. Start with Rizzi shampoo and conditioner and complete the trifecta with curl-enhancing mousse. Give those curls envious definition and shine.

Quinoa milk: Quinoa proteins protect hair from external aggressions, repairing, conditioning, and enhancing elasticity while providing intense shine

Wheat Germ: Provides nutrients to scalp and hair. Wheat germ also deeply hydrates the scalp and hair.


Q: Is this ritual only good for people with curly hair?
A: e-Line Rizzi Shampoo and conditioners are suitable for all hair types from loose waves to tightly textured curls, activating hair's natural wave or curl pattern and giving incredible definition and shine.

Q: Will this conditioner activate my curls?
A: Yes! e-Line Rizzi Conditioner was created to activate hair's natural curl or wave pattern for more effortless styling. Follow with e-Line Ultra Rizzi Mousse for extreme curl definition.

Q: Will the Rizzi shampoo dry out my hair?
A: No! e-Line Rizzi Shampoo will not dry out your hair. Keep your curls hydrated and defined with the entire e-Line Rizzi ritual. Follow your wash with e-Line Rizzi Conditioner and e-Line Ultra Rizzi Mousse for true curl control.

Q: Will the Ultra Rizzi mousse leave my hair feeling crunchy?
A: No! e-Line Ultra Rizzi Mousse will give curls incredible definition and shine while also leaving them soft and bouncy.

Distribute the shampoo on wet hair and emulsify with a gentle massage. Rinse with plenty of warm water. Follow by applying the Rizzi conditioner evenly on wet hair and work in, massaging gently, and leave on 1-3 minutes. Rinse with plenty of warm water. Towel dry and work Ultra Rizzi mousse into damp hair, taking care to thoroughly coat the strands for optimal curl enhancement and frizz protection.