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Capilo Vitalikum Hair Loss and Oily Dandruff Regimen

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Give your hair its vitality back.

This 3 step scalp treatment for hair growth looks to solve 3 problems in one.

Start with a peel to dissolve oil and eliminate dandruff, follow with a shampoo to soothe and moisturize the scalp, and follow with an Aqua-infusion scalp lotion to infuse the follicles with stem cell activators to stop loss and accelerate growth.

This kit contains

Vitalikum Peeling N.22 (175mL)
Vitalikum Shampoo N.05 (300mL)
Vitalikum Aqua-infusion N.33 (70mL)

    Paraben, sulfate, silicone, and allergen-freeĀ formula.

    Quillaia Extract: Decreases the oily texture of the hair. Excellent antiseptic and stimulating properties that reduce the appearance of dandruff. Makes the hair more flexible.

    Stem Cell Activator: Boosts stem cell activity. Redensifies and strengthens the hair.

    Rosemary Extract: Great antioxidant and purifying action. Strengthens and stimulates the hair fiber. Gives the hair extra shine.

    Amino Acid Concentrate: A key factor in the hair's elasticity and strength, amino acids make up the proteins in our hair. Revitalizes the hair from the root, strengthening its structure. Encourages hair growth.

    Helps reduce the appearance of hair loss caused by irritated scalps
    Intensely regulates the overproduction of oil and controls dandruff
    Stimulates the hair follicle toĀ encourageĀ growth

    Q: Is this system safe for color-treated hair?
    A: All of the products in the Capilo regimens are salon-approved, so they are completely safe for color-treated hair.

    Q: Are these regimens okay to use on sensitive scalps??
    A: The Capilo regimens are formulated with natural ingredients, so they are safe for sensitive scalps. For extremely sensitive scalps, we do recommend testing the products on a small area on the scalp to ensure your comfort.

    Q: How often should you use the scalp peels and Aqua Infusions?
    A: We recommend using the peel and Aqua Infusion 2 times per week for about 4-6 months depending on the severity of the scalp condition you are treating.

    Q: Do you need to use shampoo when using the peel and Aqua Infusion?
    A: Yes, for best results we recommend using the corresponding shampoos, peels, and Aqua Infusions which belong to the regimen that best fits your scalp type or concern.

    Q: How effective is this system?
    A: Capilo tackles the issue in 88.5% of cases. This is based on studies where clients used the full recommended routines (Peel, Shampoo, and Aqua Infusion) in addition to the Technikum professional scalp treatments. In the case of problems related to progressive hair loss, we can slow the process.

    Q: How long will it take to see results from the routines?
    A: We recommend consistent use of the Capilo Systems for 4-6 months depending on the severity of the condition in order to see results.

    Q: How to know if you have oily or dry scalp?
    A: You may have a dry scalp if you are experiencing dry skin on other parts of the body, if you have small flakes coming off the scalp, or if you experience frequent irritation accompanied by itching. If you notice a greasy appearance in your hair after skipping a wash, if you feel your hair is flat and lacks body, or if you have an itchy scalp with visible dandruff you likely have an oily scalp.

    Q: Can an oily scalp cause hair loss?
    A: Excessive oil production may not be the only cause of your hair loss, but it certainly can contribute to the situation. Too much sebum can trap dirt and other harmful bacteria that clog the follicles and suffocate the scalp and prevent new hair growth.

    This is why Eva Professional has formulated the Vitalikum system as a treatment for oily scalp and hair loss.

    Q: Can washing your hair too much cause hair loss?
    A: Any hairs that shed while washing your scalp were in what is called the ā€œtelogenā€ phase of their life cycle, meaning they are ready to shift out of the follicle to make room for new hair to grow in its place.

    If you are noticing high amounts of hair fall in the shower over a long period of time, consult with your healthcare provider to determine the cause before trying any topical hair loss solutions.

    Q: How can you tell the difference between new hair growth or breakage?
    A: New hair growth will have a tapered end to it, like a blade of uncut grass, while breakage or cut hair will appear with a blunt end, like a blade of cut grass.

    Q: Does coloring your hair cause hair loss?
    A: Coloring your hair will not cause you to go bald or thin prematurely. However, we always advise having a professional perform your color services so as to not weaken the integrity of your hair and cause unintended breakage.

    Q: Do hair extensions cause hair loss?
    A: Extensions actually can cause hair loss when not applied by a professional, or when not properly cared for. Any extended amount of pulling on the hair follicles (as can sometimes happen when extensions are too tight) can potentially cause tearing in the follicle which results in a scar forming. This can block the follicle, making it harder for hair to grow.

    This type of hair loss is very difficult to reverse, so we implore all of our beauty enthusiasts out there to seek out professionals who specialize in hair extensions when scheduling extension services.

    Step 1: Apply peel
    Apply peel to damp, unwashed hair. Begin the application by parting the hair at different points on the head. Part the hair in 5 places across the top of the head, and in 3 places on the back of the head (between the ears and the nape of the neck).
    Place around 2 in of product in each part. Spread evenly over the entire scalp, using your fingertips to massage it in with gentle circular motions. Leave on for 2 minutes. Rinse with plenty of warm water.

    2nd step: Shampoo
    Apply to wet hair, massaging it in with circular movements from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Rinse with warm water. Apply a second time.

    3rd step: Aqua-infusion Lotion
    Start with towel-dried hair. Remove the plastic seal from the vial and attach the included applicator to the end. Begin by parting the hair in the center of the head and apply the lotion directly to the exposed scalp. Continue parting the hair in 1-inch increments and applying the lotion to the scalp until the scalp has been completely covered and you have used the entire vial. Massage the scalp thoroughly with the fingertips in circular motions to stimulate microcirculation and aid in absorption. Do not rinse.

    Unless indicated otherwise by a professional, apply the treatment twice a week.

    Length of treatment: 3 to 6 months, depending on the type of problem and level of persistence.