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Capilo Oxygenum Dry and Oily Dandruff Regimen

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Find comfort for your scalp with this revitalizing ritual.

This 3 step solution is a balancing remedy for oily scalp and dandruff through the use of white tea, lavender, and echinacea extracts.

Begin with a scalp peel to reveal a refreshed scalp, follow with a deeply purifying shampoo, then end with the Aqua-infusion scalp lotion, infusing the scalp with powerful regulating action.

This kit contains

Oxygenum Peeling N.23 (175mL)
Oxygenum Shampoo N.07 (300mL)
Oxygenum Aqua-infusion N.35 (70mL)

Paraben, sulfate, silicone, and allergen-free formula.

White Tea Extract: White tea builds the body's defenses, neutralizing the activity of free radicals and fighting cellular aging. Regulates the sebaceous glands and tones the scalp.

Lavender Extract: Powerful astringent action, thanks to its tannin content. Strong antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory capacity. Protects sensitive and/or irritated skin. Great antioxidant power.

Raspberry Vinegar: Revitalizes hair, thanks to its formula rich in mineral salts, vitamins, and acids necessary for the hair follicle. Great dermo-purifying action. Makes the hair extremely soft to the touch.

Echinacea Extract: Great antioxidant and purifying action. Strengthens and stimulates the hair fiber. Gives the hair extra shine.

Eliminates dandruff and regulates oil production
Strengthens the scalp to prevent future flakes
Purifies the scalp and hair

Q: Is this system safe for color-treated hair?
A: All of the products in the Capilo regimens are salon-approved, so they are completely safe for color-treated hair.

Q: Are these regimens okay to use on sensitive scalps??
A: The Capilo regimens are formulated with natural ingredients, so they are safe for sensitive scalps. For extremely sensitive scalps, we do recommend testing the products on a small area on the scalp to ensure your comfort.

Q: How often should you use the scalp peels and Aqua Infusions?
A: We recommend using the peel and Aqua Infusion 2 times per week for about 4-6 months depending on the severity of the scalp condition you are treating.

Q: Do you need to use shampoo when using the peel and Aqua Infusion?
A: Yes, for best results we recommend using the corresponding shampoos, peels, and Aqua Infusions which belong to the regimen that best fits your scalp type or concern.

Q: How effective is this system?
A: Capilo tackles the issue in 88.5% of cases. This is based on studies where clients used the full recommended routines (Peel, Shampoo, and Aqua Infusion) in addition to the Technikum professional scalp treatments. In the case of problems related to progressive hair loss, we can slow the process.

Q: How long will it take to see results from the routines?
A: We recommend consistent use of the Capilo Systems for 4-6 months depending on the severity of the condition in order to see results.

Q: How to know if you have oily or dry scalp?
A: You may have a dry scalp if you are experiencing dry skin on other parts of the body, if you have small flakes coming off the scalp, or if you experience frequent irritation accompanied by itching. If you notice a greasy appearance in your hair after skipping a wash, if you feel your hair is flat and lacks body, or if you have an itchy scalp with visible dandruff you likely have an oily scalp.

Q: How can you tell if your dandruff is caused by an oiliness or dryness?
A: Usually you can tell the cause of flakes by identifying if you have a dry or an oily scalp. In addition, flakes caused by dryness are often very small and white in appearance and are sometimes accompanied by dry skin on other parts of the body. Dandruff as a result of excess oil production is likely going to appear larger and more greasy.

If you need further assistance in identifying your concern, we advise you to connect with your dermatologist or preferred healthcare provider to gain more insight into the cause of your scalp condition.

Q: Will this treatment help with hair loss due to oily scalp?
A: While this treatment is ideal for treating excessive oil production on the scalp, we offer more targeted treatment for oily scalp and hair loss with our Vitalikum system.

Q: Will these products moisturize the scalp without making the hair oily?
A: Yes, these unique formulas are intended to provide intense hydration to dry scalps without weighing the hair down, making it a suitable routine for individuals with fine hair.

Q: Can I use this system if I have an oily scalp and dry ends?
A: The Ekilibrium Oily Scalp and Dry Hair Regimen is uniquely formulated to address and prevent those specific conditions.

Q: Does sleeping with wet hair cause dandruff?
A: Sleeping with wet or damp hair can cause a number of scalp conditions as it causes an imbalance on the scalp. If you prefer to shampoo at night, we recommend washing and letting your hair dry completely before bed.

Step 1: Apply peel
Apply peel to damp, unwashed hair. Begin the application by parting the hair at different points on the head. Part the hair in 5 places across the top of the head, and in 3 places on the back of the head (between the ears and the nape of the neck).
Place around 2 in of product in each part. Spread evenly over the entire scalp, using your fingertips to massage it in with gentle circular motions. Leave on for 2 minutes. Rinse with plenty of warm water.

2nd step: Shampoo
Apply to wet hair, massaging it in with circular movements from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Rinse with warm water. Apply a second time.

3rd step: Aqua-infusion Lotion
Start with towel-dried hair. Remove the plastic seal from the vial and attach the included applicator to the end. Begin by parting the hair in the center of the head and apply the lotion directly to the exposed scalp. Continue parting the hair in 1-inch increments and applying the lotion to the scalp until the scalp has been completely covered and you have used the entire vial. Massage the scalp thoroughly with the fingertips in circular motions to stimulate microcirculation and aid in absorption. Do not rinse.

Unless indicated otherwise by a professional, apply the treatment twice a week.

Length of treatment: 3 to 6 months, depending on the type of problem and level of persistence.

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United States United States

No more itch, oil, and barely any dandruff after one wash

I’ve only used it once so far and my head feels better than it has in years. I’ve been using head and shoulders since I was in my late teens and it provides minimal relief. I tried this at my wife’s request (demand) and I’m glad I did. I’ve been feeling so much relief. I forgot what having a normal scalp feels like til now! So grateful Eva Pro came to the US or I would still be suffering through the H&S bologna. Can’t wait to see the results in the following washes.

United States United States


My experience has one single downside and while I am going to beg you to purchase this for yourself because I cannot rave about this product enough, you will have to read to the end to find out what one single thing was one star deductory worthy. I have had an oily scalp for as long as I've been alive. I am Italian and it shows through by grease literally leaking from every pore on my body, my hair follicles on my scalp being no exception. So while oil is not new to me, dandruff is. I have recently started to get a super flakey scalp after moving from Florida to Alabama. I was looking for relief and stumbled across this, and OH MY WOW. So for starters, you begin with an exfoliating scalp peel that will give you serious spa vibes. You can feel all the bad stuff get scrubbed off with a really wonderful cooling sensation following to soothe your exposed scalp. (and I don't mean that burning cooling sensation, it's really refreshing, I mean it). After the peel you move to the shampoo, and if dandruff shampoo has ever given you pause before because it made your scalp better but your hair worse (hello head and shoulders), then please I beg you to try this. This shampoo will leave your hair feeling so soft, but your scalp feeling so incredibly clean. Take a clarifying shampoo and mix it with your favorite moisturizing shampoo and viola. Then you top it all off by applying a scalp lotion, which would be better suited with a name like scalp tonic, but I digress. The scalp lotion (tonic) is amazing. Your scalp will feel like your skin does after you apply an amazing toner. Fresh, rejuvenated, clarified are a few words that come to mind. So with all that being said, I urge you to try this if you are urgently looking for a solution for your flaky, oily scalp, but KEEP IN MIND the ONLY downside to this kit is it does not include a conditioner. I used what I had on hand and it was good enough! However, given the incredible quality of this product, I'll be scouring their website for a conditioner from another collection they own to be my stand in next time

United States United States

Such a relief!

As soon as I started to use this regimen my scalp felt so relieved, immediately saw the difference too! (I can now wear black tops with confidence) It is effective and long lasting if the routine is well implemented. I loved it!!!

United States United States


This is amazing for my scalp and hair! So shiny and feels healthy from the root to the ends!

United States United States


I did the whole regimen and my hair feels strong and shiny, it keeps my oily scalp fresh and clean without drying it, and I love how you can tell it’s made from natural extracts!! My hair is shiny and strong!!!