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What products are best to hydrate my frizzy hair?

The answers to both hydration and frizz lie with #47 Summum Babassu Serum and #42 Linum Leave-in.

Who are these hair products intended for?

The Hydra In Collection is a range of hydrating hair products developed to restore and repair damaged hair. However, the line carries a number of excellent nutritious and hydrating product options for all hair types.

Are Capilo and Hydra In products safe to use on color-treated hair?

Though our e-Line collection offers a more extensive collection of color-specific formulas, all products within the Hydra In are safe to use on colored or highlighted hair and offer the best products to hydrate dry hair.

Are there any restrictions on using these products?

The Hydra In collection has been formulated to be safe to use while pregnant and nursing. They have also been developed without allergens, so they are meant to be enjoyed by everyone.

Are these natural hair hydration treatments?

To us at Eva Professional, the best hydration for hair is formulated with techniques that both preserve quality, but also remove sulfates, allergens, colorants, and other irritants caused by unnatural and unnecessary chemicals. It also means to use these natural ingredients in a sustainable and ethical way, which is why the oils used in the Hydra In formulations have been cultivated in an artisanal way, not using artificial fertilizers and through totally ecological cultivation.

What kind of hair oils are used?

To name a few, Eva Professional has cultivated Jojoba, Linseed, Sesame and Baobab oils to help nourish and repair hair, as they are incredibly effective hydrating ingredients for hair.

Can I mix and match these products?

Of course! While Hydra In offers the best hydration for hair, feel free to use these hydrating hair products with any of the shampoos, conditioners, or styling products within Eva Pro's other collections!

What are the best hydrating hair products in this collection?

The most recommended hydrating products for hair in this line are #48 Summum Jojoba Rain, #45 Summum Baobab Mask, and #42 Linum Leave-in.