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What is a scalp treatment?

Capilo scalp treatments are intended to provide the right environment for stronger hair to grow which is full of vitality. To ensure healthy, thriving hair, it is extremely important to analyze our scalp and be aware of its needs

What do I use if I have a normal scalp?

The Capilo systems are meant to treat and prevent a number of scalp and hair issues. If you have a normal scalp we recommend using the pick the solution that best matches issues that you may have periodically experienced in the past

How long until I see results from these products?

Just as with any skin care regimen, we advise giving the Capilo systems 2-4 months of consistent use in order to see to full efficacy of the product formulas. Patience and compliance with the programs will ensure you get the incredible results you are looking for.

Which is the best scalp treatment for hair growth?

Often referred to as balding, progressive hair loss refers to decreases in hair density that continually get worse without intervention. The Capilo progressive hair loss system helps to stop this progressive thinning and restore hair density. Medically known as Telogen effluvium, temporary hair loss refers to a decrease in hair density due to drastic shedding and can be regained over time. The Capilo temporary hair loss system helps to stop this temporary shedding and restore hair density. We recommend choosing the hair growth treatment that best fits your unique condition.

Are there any restrictions on using these products?

We do not recommend using the Capilo Capillary systems at the same time as other topical hair loss treatments including but not limited to minoxidil, rogaine, or finasteride. The Capilo Systems are totally safe to use while pregnant and nursing, as they are formulated with natural ingredients.

Where can I find the Capilo Technikum #1 shampoo and Tecnhikum Purifyer #41?

The Capilo Technikum Shampoo and Purifyer are exclusive salon formulas as they are intensive hair treatment products intended to be applied by professionals only. If you are an enthusiast or at-home user and your stylist does not already have access to these products, encourage them to get in touch with us! If you are a licensed professional and would like to offer these sensory service products to your clients, give us a call right away.

How often do I do a scalp treatment?

We recommend using the Scalp peels and Aqua-infusion lotions no more than twice per week. The scalp treatment shampoo in your regimen is safe for daily use, however, feel free to substitute with the Hydra-in Sesamum shampoo one to two times per week for an extra nourishing boost

Who are these products intended for?

While anyone can use the Capilo Capillary Systems, they are intended for use by individuals who are looking to relieve symptoms of a range of scalp conditions. They can be used on all hair types including color-treated hair, highlighted hair, curly hair, fine hair, and more!

Is there a conditioner in this line?

The Capilo Capillary Regimens are exclusively for your scalp, an accompanying conditioner can be selected from Capilo's Hydra In collection of reparative and hydrating solutions.